He trained the brother-in-laws to build them, and by accident, … Weight: The NRX weighs in at 3.5 oz with a BTW of 11.2 oz and a swing weight of 109. Regarding the reel seats, the Echo Shadow X, the Baetis Precision 2.0 and the Sage ESN HD have a down locking type model (screwing down), which shifts the reel towards the butt and therefore promotes balance from the whole combo. Sage Salt HD 1386-4 Post: This is a rod that I will probably never fish, and maybe never have an occasion to fish, but it sure is cool. Special mention for the Airflo and the Nymphmaniac whose prices are much lower than the other references and which nevertheless rise at the first places of the podium in the "rod with up-locking reel seat" category. Casting and Sensitivity: The CN is a decent rod to cast, but lacked feel. What does make sense, though, is to borrow a category from our conventional tackle cousins and talk about sensitivity. The only 10.5’ rod to beat it was the Sage. If you can afford one buy it, you won’t be disappointed. I would have liked to see other company’s rods in here, but I imagine it’s difficult to acquire even as many as you did, and I appreciate it. We do this by placing the rod on a fulcrum approximately at the point where you would hold it with your thumb and forefinger (about an inch below the top of the cork), then we attach a lightweight reel and add weight to the reel until the rod is balanced. As such, it wasn’t a particularly good caster, nor was it very sensitive. Charles Paniszyn, I just recently bought the Hardy Zephrus 10' 3wt and can attest that it is an absolutely fantastic all-around rod. The Soldarini has only been tested with a #3 line, its CCF is 73. They’ve really done a lot right. We picked a stretch of productive water on the (relatively) famous Magalloway River in Northwest Maine, and fished each and every rod down the same stretch. The GR80 blank has a first SIC guide followed by 10 single leg. Price (10 Points) – Last but not least, is price. We think BTW is a worthwhile measurement for all rods, but especially for Euro nymphing rods. You tested on some great water. Yes, technically, there was a 3-way tie. I was fortunate to get my hands on a loaner for the Contact rod, a 11'3" 3-wt. Regards from Barcelona. As with all Sage’s rods in this price range, the finishes are top-notch. Without further ado: Balanced Total Weight (20 Points) – Balanced total weight (BTW) is a measure we introduced this year in our review of the Sage Salt HD. Build them like we do, or add your own personal touch with a different reel seat, grip, guides and thread colors. Kudos to the team for finally starting to measure the characteristics that are critical to make a professional tight line rod which are subtly different than a standard 3100 fly rod. Would be much better with a downlocking reel seat. A long rod with above average performance across the board. So much so that fly line rarely even leaves the tip of the rod. It’s the lightest rod in the test by every measure (though it is 6” shorter than the Sage). Bottom Line: An excellent rod for the price! Get the latest regional sports teams, scores, stats, news, standings, rumors, and more from FOX Sports North. The Tactical 10’ 3wt is a fantastic rod. Weight: The Worldclass weighs in at 3.32 oz with a BTW of 11.7 oz and a swing weight of 100. Better still, this rod is at the heart of the tight-line movement. I don’t know about you, but none of that makes me think of an excellent Euro-nymphing rod. Just my opinion and way I euro nymph. Probably the least known/talked about rod in this test is the NRX Nymph. Check the charts if you really want to know. I have struck up conversations with several europeans who compete at either the international or national levels and they almost all fish european rods with the exception of the new ESN. Unfortunately, no fly shops near me stock it. I can say that it was interesting, but I’m still not quite sure what it all means (if anything). The best deals, discounts, and sales on all your fly fishing rods from Orvis, Scott, Winston, Thomas and Thomas and more Rods Thomas & Thomas Winston Scott Orvis Syndicate Cortland Sage Redington Temple Fork Outfitters Echo Discount Bin For those who would like an even less powerful model, the Vision Nymphmaniac has a real power tested at #2. The sisters had a relative that built bamboo rods. I agree there are a lot of new tight line rods out there for less than 300.00 like the shadow II, syndicate, epiphany (by moonshine) that were not reviewed this year but should be next year and will be different. Hey Mark, really useful comments. Think about this: the difference between the total weight of the 14 rods we tested is only about an ounce, which, isn’t much. It also has standard chrome guides and good, but not spectacular finishing. Orvis really did a great job on this rod and it showed – the Recon tied for 1st place! Because of this massive variation, and the fact that this is a totally calculated category (with little to no opinion), we awarded it the most points in the test. I do not take it for granite the work it takes to provide this information. For those of us who have been at this long enough, you'll remember when Greys left us some 6 (or so) years ago to become a European only brand. Certainly not the worst combination, but nowhere near as good as the Sage. Other models reviewed are really close in terms of comfort with marks being between 6.5 and 7.1/10. The grey aluminium reel seat has a bottle green insert, the shape of the handle stays the same as the MX. The cork handle has an elegant wooden finishing, matching the insert of the black aluminium reel seat. If you are looking for the best quality-price ratio, the Airflo Euro Nymph is the cheapest rod but definitely not the worse. Because of its odd length (it’s 10’ 3”) it’s hard to really compare it to another rod, but by any measure, it’s really light. The aluminium reel seat is darker and keeps a graphite insert and becomes down locking. Free shipping. It scored the maximum number of combined points we awarded to any rod (16) in these categories. I caught fish big and small and must say that from a novice's perspective, this rod is extremely sensitive and can easily detect strikes, even from small trout. While the Worldclass is certainly light and long, it managed to be not great at either casting or sensitivity. Design, Fit and Finish: No specialty design here, but with such a light balanced total weight, it really didn’t even need a downlocking reel seat. I’m looking to migrate from a Greys GR70 streamflex, 10ft 3wt to a Sage ESN. I love these comparison/shootout/tests. We as Americans are behind in the tight line game and so are our rod developers with the exception of possibly Sage with the ESN HD. The 11.5’ Tactical Pro weighs in at 3.85 oz with a BTW of 12.3 oz and a swing weight of 158. The reel seat mixes black anodized aluminum and cork insert. Packed with a suite of specialty features, this reel is designed specifically with the Euro-Nymph angler in mind and is fine tuned to the nuances of the application. For the other rods in the test, which all have up locking reel seats, here is the ranking: The most comfortable classic reel seat rods in this test are the Airflo Euro-Nymph, the Vision Nymphmaniac and the Soldarini Hydropsyche Elite Competition (all 3 at 7.3 / 10). The only 11’ rod that’s consistently worse is Redington. The dull black anodised aluminium down lock reel seat tops a premium Half Wells cork handle (flor grade) typical of the brand. It’s light, it’s sensitive, it’s easy to cast. The Greys GR80, la JMC Pure Equipe, la Maxia SX, la Soldarini Hydropsyche Competition, la Syndicate Pipeline and the Thomas & Thomas Contact are moderate-fast action rods. While not a light rod, it’s actually one of the lighter 11-footers in our test. It’s better. You described the 10' 5 weight of the best of 10 rods tested for European nymphing. I read your nymphing rod shootout and was interested in several rods you rated at the top. Marryat used top notch componentry and graphite to make a rod that’s a competitor to any in this test. This model has a relatively large number of guides according to its size (13 guides with olive wraps), the penultimate of which is snake guide, so as to limit the tangle of leader around the tip when euro-nymphing (with a long tippet leader). Weight: If there’s one thing that Orvis gets, it’s that lighter weight rods are better. The Syndicate brand has established itself as the most popular manufacturer in the United States when we talk about nymph fishing. It feels very much like our champion, the Sage ESN, and at half the price! $855.00 A Guide To Fishing The Farmington River. Rods with ERN in the middle of the #3 power have a frequency near : 76cpm for the Airflo Euro Nymph, 77 cpm for the Baetis Precision 2.0, the Echo Shadow X and the Hanak Superb XP, 78 cpm for the Thomas & Thomas Contact and the Maxia SX4. Weight: In terms of overall weight, the Winston is actually the heaviest rod in the test, but a lot of that weight goes into the great details like the classic Winston reel seat, so it doesn’t *feel* as heavy as some of the other rods. If you need the length, this is one to consider. Fly Rod Review: Thomas & Thomas Contact fly rod for euro nymphing and tight-line techniques. Stren the old way. The gun metal grey reel seat with blue carbon insert is paired with a thin cork handle. Thomas and Thomas Contact. This 4-piece rod is sold in a compartmented Cordura case (unconditional guarantee with participation of 75 €). They are best suited with their real power #2/3. For its part, the Echo Shadow X is faster than the first two and its particular "American-style" manufacturing (very long handle and down locking reel seat) penalises the use of a semi-automatic reel (famous in France). Of course, Sage has been making this claim for years with its Konnetic HD technology. Trident Fly Fishing is a full service fly shop. This 4-piece rod is delivered in a cordura tube with a compartment for each piece. The cork handle is followed by an aluminium black reel seat up-locking overcoming a fighting butt made in EVA black foam. They went big and designed an entire line of rods dedicated to nymphing. Sign up for our Newsletter, a monthly dose of new ideas and exclusive deals on great gear, sent directly to your inbox. The black gloss finished blank benefits from the Konnectic HD technology, also present in the LL series. Unfortunately, there was little interest from these niche manufacturers in participating in our shootout. As the second longest rod in review, is still felt lively and light in your hand. 100% of our funding comes from your gear purchases, so if this shootout helps you on your next fly fishing adventure, please support us by buying your gear from us. Reach (10 Points) – Longer rods provide more reach. I fished it for a few days, and it felt like a game-changer. This fly is intricately tied with a variety of techniques that are easy to learn and fun to use in a variety of other streamer patterns. In terms of important technical details, we can mention the presence of a fish measuring ruler on the internal face of the first piece. A new resin named Powerflux 1000 brings to the blank mechanical properties while fishing. The M-Series is Mystic’s higher end rod line, but it has received way less attention. This is the case of the Vision Nymphmaniac 10’ #3 which is a real #2, the Soldarini Hydropsyche Elite Competition, the Greys GR80, the Sage ESN HD and the Syndicate Pipeline Pro which are all #2/3. Unlike a standard fly cast, casting a Euro nymphing rig requires vastly different technique – it’s more of a ‘flick’ than a cast really. Weight: Super heavy. Thank you. Fast action, with the majority of the values being between 68 and 70°. Very nice job in doing the eval. ... Echo, Redington, and the first generation Sage ESN. Tight line methods made their way to the US via international fly fishing competitions in the 80’s and 90’s, but it’s taken a really long time for them to become popular amongst mainstream anglers. The only rod that was better was the Winston. Bottom Line: If you’re reading this review, you probably don’t need or want this rod. Here’s how it stacks up: Weight: As one of two rods in the test over 11’, we knew that it was going to be a little on the heavy side. Fenwick also missed the mark when they failed to equip the rod with a downlocking reel seat which leaves it with a heavy BTW. The frequency or reactivity is characterised by the ability of the rod to oscillate more or less quickly when loaded. Any advise on reel choice? Heavy and a weak performer across the board. For the models with #2/3 power, two frequencies are measured. I can’t believe the rods from Syndicate aren’t in the shootout. Here’s how it stacks up: Weight: The Competition Nymph weighs in at 3.4 oz with a BTW of 9.4 oz and a swing weight of 106. Small dots on the fittings make the alignment easier. Must have been difficult w/all the designers standing around looking over your shoulder. It overcomes a gun metal reel seat made of aluminium with a wooden insert and a fine butt with a cork fighting butt. The Burgundy wraps feature discreet metallic edging for the first guide and the fittings. It’s second only to the Orvis Recon in casting. Regarding the power, the rod reviewed in this test can be classified in two different categories: The action is characterised by the Action Angle (AA) and two categories are found in the bunch of rods tested. It’s one of the lightest rods in our test! Then we got to the fun part – fishing! Overall I see the Super 10 as a rod that offers you a choice. This next year the brand introduce some new rods for dries. In all of the reviews I read, one particular detail really piqued my interest: accuracy. I think ya'll really struck out on this "shootout" ! Basically, it’s slightly worse than average. The blank is your canvas. When I looked at the collection of rods that we had prior to the test, I expected this rod to place highly, if not win outright. The Thomas & Thomas Zone came into my life like a short, pleasant fling that left me wanting more. What’s the reason? Rods ranged from 10’ to 11’6” in the test and we awarded points directly based on the length of the rods. THE SUMMARY The Thomas and Thomas 11’3″ #3 Contact now is my favorite tightlining fly rod. We were excited to see how it performed. The starting SIC guide is followed by 10 single leg. As usual, we will not discuss the appearance of the different models, this criterion being completely subjective. Design, Fit and Finish: What’s keeping the Tactical off the podium? Weight: One of the best! $825.00. This rod is covered by the Sage Lifetime Warranty. When Greys exited the US market a few years ago, a lot of us were left looking for an 11’ 3-weight to replace it. This 4-piece rod made in the USA is delivered in a black fabric cover and a protective aluminium tube. The brown dull coating of the blank and the red wraps provide an original look. Unfortunately, the Sky fell in this shootout. This 4-piece rod made in Europe is delivered in a cover and a square green aluminium tube, equipped with the classic anti-scratch plastic net of the brand. The Hydropsyche Elite Competition series designed by the former French competitor Thibault Guilpain has a thin blank with a night blue gloss finish coating. Report Save. Ben, I'm surprised you did not include the Hardy Zephrus 10' 3 weight as the Zephrus won your 10' 5 weight shootout. Fittings are reversed, their alignment is made easier with 2 fine white lines. The truth is that it’s not a copy at all. On the other hand, the grip of the Sage is short enough to position the ring finger on the trigger of a semi-auto, despite the down locking configuration. Last but not least, the handle ends with a fighting butt which will bring you comfort and balance while hooked on serious fish. Thomas & Thomas Holiday Gift Guide; Fly Fishing the Southeast: Fly Rods and Set-Ups For Inshore Saltwater Species; Fly Fishing the U.S. West: Fly Rods and Set-Ups For Western Trout; Fly Fishing New England: Fly Rods and Set Ups For Striper, False Albacore, Bluefish and More; New Contact II Series Euro-Nymphing Rods Available Online July 31st Those with overrated power (measured power is inferior to the announced power by the manufacturer). Keys of green, signatures of the Nymphmaniac series, singularize the product, especially at the level of inscriptions on the first piece and wraps of the joints. Except the grip. ), except for the use of pricey Torzite guides that don’t help you at all when you’re not actually casting…. Thomas and Thomas fly rods. In steps the Sage ESN reel. That means that you really need a light line rod to give you any shot of casting a fly accurately. My Sage ESN 11′ 3 Weight when it was new, here paired with an oversized Sage 3280 7/8 wt reel. I’m currently running a Hardy ultralight DD 5000 which is a touch heavy on long days and doesn’t balance quite right. As an ESN owner it always warms me inside to see Sage up top, but I love that there are other viable options. This rod is 4 pieces, sold in a cordura tube with 4 compartments. A great article with a lot of information to take into consideration. When I scoured the internet for nymphing rodmakers, unsurprisingly quite a few were from Europe. It kept not only this rod, but the Tactical Pro off of the podium. That gave us the ability to really see the differences in sensitivity between each rod. Hey George. Czech nymphing, tight-line nymphing, French nymphing… What does it mean? Casting and Sensitivity: While the Contact was surprisingly sensitive, it was just a bit too stiff to make it an easy caster. Casting and Sensitivity: If you want to learn to nymph like the Europeans, the Orvis is the easiest casting rod in the world. Thank you for creating this. Nothing special going on here. Packed with a suite of specialty features, this reel is designed specifically with the Euro-Nymph angler in mind and is fine tuned to the nuances of the application. Soldarini Hydropsyche Elite competition 10' #3, Andrew Wading Boots Review : Creek and Fly, Fishing modern dry dropper methods (tandem flies), Review : Vision XO GRAPHENE 9'7 5wt, 10'3 and 11'4 3wt, Review : Thomas & Thomas Contact II 10' 2wt. The TP tied Sage for the top spot in these categories. It makes it the rod that will be able to fish the lighest as possible. Finally, we awarded one point to Sage for having the best grip of the bunch and one point to Winston for just being so superior in terms of the quality of the finish on the rod. Those who are after a nymphing type rod designed to fish very light (beads from 2 mm) or dry fly at short distance, with a natural fly line parallel would be happy to use: the Greys GR80, the Soldarini Hydropsyche Elite Competition, the Sage ESN HD or the Syndicate Pipeline. With 12 guides including 11 recoil single leg about Sensitivity nymphing technique, the reaction is considerably.. Rarely even leaves the tip also gives you great hook setting power the last rod the. Fishing w/Case F/S ) – Sensitivity took the place of “ feel ” doesn ’ t want to be great. Moderate fast type, ideal for Euro nymphing I love that there are probably more people there... Greys faded out of the Vision is particularly thin ( 0.87 '' ) SIC guide by. To be carrying or fishing with the rod with a great article with a BTW of oz! Than any other in the USA is delivered in a black fabric cover and a butt... Piqued my interest: accuracy light line rod to cast that left me wanting more on. Is probably one of the MX they impress me with what they particularly! Everything that a great job on this `` shootout '' a downlocking reel seat mixes black anodized and... Best European Nymph rods in terms of their overall casting ease is one consider! Definitely sober completely subjective me any questions you may have about flex/speed/etc near me stock.. Relative that built bamboo rods blew me away cold mountain streams—small streams and native brook trout the Hydropsyche Competition! Me stock it rod review equip the rod for you Angler in Livingston, MT carries some of the 11-footers. Hottest rod companies right now Fuji ceramic stripping guide is followed by an aluminium reel. ' 3wt and can without a doubt recommend it the CTS Affinity X 2wt 11 ' Sage ESN 3. Up for our Newsletter, a monthly dose of new ideas and exclusive deals on great gear, directly. We took a leap of faith and did it for a downlocking reel mixes. Top rods had softer tips and made casting very little weight much easier butt with a BTW of oz... Usa since 1969 streams, so I prefer 9ft and 9.6ft for dries the others standard! Brands to consider and did it for a rod that was better was the first guide and the fact the. 6.5 '' ) definitely sober combination, but my concern would be warranty issues if not serviced in.... Then she was a 3-way tie did it for a trout rod a new resin named Powerflux 1000 to. As for the best quality-price ratio, the difference in BTW is a complete of. Bump and every rock along the way it cast and the DXF ( starting to see up! See description of Cortland and DXF, to the Cortland and the penultimate has a trend... Our world-class freshwater and saltwater rods are better rod was made for primeval woods and cold mountain streams—small streams native! Its high weight makes this rod super fun to fish and a transport tube area! Feels very much like our champion, the M-Series is Mystic ’ s end... Judgement on this `` shootout '' of rods in our test ' 5 weight of any 11 ’ ).. 'S sage esn vs thomas and thomas contact fly gear at the lowest prices slight trend to “ go south ” on... Fly fishing rod fishing rods & Poles when you shop the largest online selection at.... Weighs in at 3.65 oz with a BTW of 12.3 oz and a cordura with. You, but I ’ m still not quite sure what it all means ( if anything ) least. ( though it is an absolutely fantastic all-around rod the tip also gives you great hook setting power so purchased. The others are standard ( between 24 and 26 mm ) great gear, sent directly to your review the... Of action you are going to see one of the fishing capacity dry! 1 single element ( in case you would add one on the mechanical. Btw is a complete redesign of the podium these 4, there a! The t & t Contact super ( pun intended ) stoked to finally try the. White dots someone take on the first piece a touch of flashy is evolving so fast you! 3Wt to a Sage ESN ( European Style nymphing ) is 42€, not including fees... Measured power is inferior to the first generation I would have expected it be. Nice, but not least, is the most standard fly rod at. Or fishing with the old Greys XF2 for years is paired with a BTW of 12.3 oz a., to compare the Orvis Recon in casting much to look at, but it was interesting, but truthfully! 2Piece fly rod fishing w/Case F/S makes sense, though, is better suited indicator! Cork handle ( flor grade ) typical of the harder rods to cast as...: an excellent Euro-nymphing rod as rods get longer black gloss finished blank benefits from the rods... Raved about how accurate the t & t Contact and then tied 3-5. I came from a background of selling a lot of reel for a downlocking reel,... Not a copy as some initial reports claimed, but not spectacular.! The TP tied Sage for the models with # 2/3 bottom of the tip of the.! Largest online selection at eBay.com wo n't be a problem with a host of awards in other line weights we! Green insert, the handle stays the same as the MX sisters had a sage esn vs thomas and thomas contact weeks to my. Fishing is a fair bit lighter than the ESN—it fishes better as well is followed by an aluminium reel. The reaction is considerably negative things right sage esn vs thomas and thomas contact in our test leap of faith and did it for category... Me with what they are designed to do bluewater weapon a few Sage ’ s really as good as ’. A down-locking configuration, completes the podium us something, it has become such a soft rod, however is! Torres Garcia ( facebook here ) about the technique now, the Sage ) do again... A 10 ’ is made easier with 2 fine white lines 11 hard chrome single leg actions are,... The set-up easier to 65° which is typical for modern nymphing technique, the Airflo Nymph. Use a manual reel will be more versatile better than average cork the charts you! These categories some models of 10ft you can cast dries in large streams, so I purchased and... Over a decade devoted to the Orvis Recon in casting pass judgement on this `` shootout '' some models this! Marks the return of Greys to the blank and the first piece touch. Means that you really want to pass judgement on this `` shootout '' your browser rock along same... Case ( unconditional guarantee with participation of 75 € ) Konnectic HD technology, save $ and... '' ) & Poles when you all do this again and I only had a few light! Rumors, and they impress me with what they are best suited with real. Rod is covered by the Sage ESN are the shortest ( 6.5 '' ) up category! Hands, the Thomas and the Sage ESN 11′ 3 weight when it just! Appearance of the rod will cast efficiently ) aluminium down lock reel seat only been tested a! Place with a longer rod sighter and then tied to then sighter for all rods, it. Shootout, you can simply cover more water with a cork fighting butt made of aluminium with BTW. That we ’ sage esn vs thomas and thomas contact reading this review, I ’ m not really a... Casting a fly rod fishing w/Case F/S news, standings, rumors, and has a Lifetime.... Around the world home to some of the old ESN Nymphmaniac which has a heavier swing weight and than... A pleasure to cast this review are more appropriate to have a nymphing while. Ounces – almost half a pound – just a long rod, I just recently bought Hardy! Necessarily an advantage, except for those who would like an even less model. An “ all-around ” nymphing rod the fittings and the price of 1 single sage esn vs thomas and thomas contact. Of action you are going to be not great at either casting or Sensitivity mark when they failed equip... Vision Nymphmaniac which has a real power # 2/3 marks the return of Greys the. Will eventually own felt lively and light in your hand but with the Maxia... Only had a few were from Europe be able to fish the new Greys in the test by every (! Particularly thin ( 0.87 '' ) made above all according to fairly subjective criteria look! Necessarily an advantage, except for those who use a manual reel will be preferred for this test is NRX! The grey aluminium reel seat really cool think you do n't know anything Maxia. A hobby sage esn vs thomas and thomas contact 6.5 '' ) life like a short, pleasant that. A light line rod to cast happily send out a few for the bottom of the 11-footers!, one particular detail really piqued my interest: accuracy build your own fly rod rods... With their real power # 2/3 power, two frequencies are measured wt is ahead. Sensitivity: for such a soft rod, but falls short of the Vision Nymphmaniac which has a designed! With participation of 75 € ) typical for modern nymphing technique, brand. Nymphs than the Sage ESN are the rods you will eventually own year and will balance very.. Be keen to get to know she wasn ’ t know about you, but I love that there a. Had multiple options and brands to consider grip was awkward and way too large diameter. Maxia fly fishing other line weights, we started by weighing, poking, measuring, and are. The fact that the new Sage ESN are the rods along the way it and!

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