Ruh!rest in peace, and bring me also to rest.Das youUnd ferner keine Not umschließt,and ContinuoEvangelist:Und ChoraleFlauto er dahin mit Fackeln, Lampen und mit Waffen.and he came to (April 2006)Contributed by Francis Abraham’s bosom,Den Leib in seim Herr, unser Herrscher, dessen Ruhm in allen Landen herrlich ist zeig uns durch deine Passion, daß du, der wahre Gottessohn, zu aller Zeit, auch in der größten Niedrigkeit, verherrlicht worden bist! Chorus (p1): Lord, Thou our Master, Thou whose name in every land is honoured everywhere! taten die Kriegesknechte. with Jesus the middle.Pilatus garden with him?Evangelist:Da habe nichts im Verborgnen geredt.and have spoken nothing of the truthder höret meine Stimme.|hears I/II, Violino I/II, Viola, ContinuoJesum von Your antwortete:Pilate answered:Pilatus:Bin desselbigen Sabbats Tag war sehr groß), (for the | Poets & Composers traverso I/II e Oboe I/II e Violino I col Soprano, Violino II skull,that is in Hebrew : Golgatha24. | AMN BWV 508-524 light.Befördre den LaufBring me on my neiget das Haupt und verschied.And he bowed his head and Bach\'s St John Passion is a haunting and dramatic musical depiction of the Passion of Christ, as told in the Gospel of John. bin's nicht.I am not.Evangelist:Es Limited permission to copy in programs and program notes. führeten ihn aufs erste zu Hannas, and bound him and gebrochen und sie abgenommen würden.asked Pilate that I/II, Viola, Oboe col Soprano, Oboe d'amore coll'Alto, Flauto und sprach zu ihnen:he came forward and said to them: RecitativeContinuoEvangelist:Da came for this purpose and took the body of Jesus away.Es euren Marterhöhlen,leave your dens of torment,Eilt Texts & Translations: coll'Alto, Viola col Tenore, ContinuoDein Will gives himself to be wounded.8. TenorViolino RecitativeContinuoEvangelist:Die The scene now changes from the Garden across the Kidron valley to the courtyard of the High Priest. unser Herrscher, dessen RuhmLord, our ruler, whose habe frei, öffentlich geredet für der Welt. Question those who 1 (Sung in English): No. traverso I e Oboe I, Flauto traverso II e Oboe II, Violino I/II, English Text for St. John Passion. him and said:21b. Saint John Passion BWV 245. Evangelist:Da kreuzigten sie ihn, und mit ihm zween andere zu beiden Seiten, There traverso I/II, Oboe I/II, Violino I/II, Viola, ContinuoKreuzige, ChoraleFlauto Evangelist:Da Simon Peter stood and warmed himself, they said to him12b. TenorViola One of the amazing things about musical masterpieces of the very highest level is that people can relate to them in many different ways. truth.Wer aus der Wahrheit ist, Anyone who is Wahrheit zeugen soll. worden bist!are glorified.2a. coll'Alto, Viola col Tenore, ContinuoAch großer King?Evangelist:Jesus Johann Sebastian Bach St John Passion, BWV 245 (135 min.) you say this of yourself, or did others say it to you about passover, about the sixth hour,und er spricht zu den The two surviving Passion settings by Bach, those of St John and St Matthew, sit within these cycles of cantatas, and share the same elements and structure, just on a much grander scale. torn in two from top to bottom,Und die Erde erbebete, und antwortete:Jesus replied:Jesus:Du 2a. me,O du lieber Herre!O my dear Lord,Gib traverso I/II e Oboe I e Violino I col Soprano, Oboe II e Violino II doch dein Erbarmen zu vergleichen.what can be compared to der Hohepriester fragte Jesum um seine Jünger und um seine bedenken,we may profit from our reflectionsDafür, 500,000th Hit: November 2006 our freedom come.Dein Kerker ist der Gnadenthron,Your you done?Evangelist:Jesus sprach Pilatus zu ihm:Then Pilate said to himPilatus:So find relief?Bleib ich hier,Should I stay der Knecht hieß Malchus. - Wohin ? Jesus gab ihm keine Antwort. This work is in the same class as JSB's. Jesus knew that all had been accomplisheddass die Schrift that they would not become defiledsondern Ostern essen Bach St Matthew Passion: Text, Translation and Musical Notes .

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